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The Northern and Southern regions of the United States emerged as two very distinct regions during the Antebellum period. Each area was growing and developing according to their available natural resources, their political and social beliefs, and their different population of people. The textbook, “Discovering Our Past The American Journey”, Chapters 8 and 9 provides information about the Antebellum period and the differences of the North and South. There were several differences in the two regions that include the geography and climate, the economy, the society and culture, and transportation. One of the most striking differences between the North and South was the climate and geography. The Northern States had cold, snowy weather and…show more content…
The growth of factories and mills in the North, drew more people to move to the cities for work. During this time, many immigrants arrived from European countries, mainly from Ireland and Germany. These immigrants became a workforce in factories in the cities. As Northern cities grew, cities became centers for trade. It was a time when reformers worked on providing education for all citizens, as well as fighting for women’s rights.Many in the North were opposed to slavery, but still discriminated against the African Americans. In the South, slavery was part of the Southern culture. Most people lived in rural areas and on plantations. The textbook states that,” a small group of plantation owners in the South-about 12% of the population-held more than half the slaves.” (p 429) Education in the South was very limited. Only the wealthy sent their children to private schools and others living in rural areas did not have access to education. It was also against the law for African Americans to get an education. While the culture of the South was plantation life, the African American slaves had their own culture from Africa that they tried to keep alive with storytelling, music , and religion. Both regions had very different types of beliefs about education and slavery, and had very different groups of people that provided the

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