Disadvantages Of Human Population

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Human is a special biological creature; his evolution is an extraordinary phenomenon of nature. It is also true that human is a cultural agent, as well as the creature of all the cultures and cultural regions over the earth. The population is the basic element of the state (Tiwari, 2004, 751). Francis Bacon in 1612 used the word ‘population’ (Tripathi, 1999, 1). In general, Population is ‘a group of individuals of the same species within a community’ (Mayhew, 2009, 394) or often defined by demographers according to the specific needs of the research and researcher (Ali, 2011). Specifically, the population is a group of individuals of a single species having the same habitat and they can interbreed (en.wikipedia.org, 2017). In other words, ‘population’…show more content…
Along with technological progress and scientific discovery, it was the demographic change that separated the modern world from the more distant past (Scheidel, 2006). Humans population has a prominent physical distribution over space and in time having the peoples of different age-groups, size, densities, social values and developmental stages and these characteristics of the population are dynamic in nature and likely to change; these changes may be either positive or negative. Changes in population structure, size and composition are included in the studies of population dynamics. Population dynamics refers to the way in which the size and age structure of population change over time (Encyclopedia. com, 2017). The study of population dynamics focuses on these changes how, when, and why they occur (Meyer, 2016). In pre-modern societies, population size was the best indicator of economic performance (Scheidel, 2006) this fact is still true in many societies of the world and economic development still much depends on the population size of the countries and states on the other side health and longevity are very consequential for economic performance (Bloom,

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