Medical Assistant Research Paper

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Medical assisting is a great option for anyone who doesn't want much schooling, but would like reasonable pay. Medical assistants can make anywhere from $21,079 - $37,695 a year and the hourly pay rate can be from $10.09-$17.59 (Pay Scale). This type of job can have lots of office type work however, it can also require patient care. Medical assistants can have many different jobs to do throughout a day. They can take and record patient history, help physicians with an exam of a patient, and prepare blood for testing (College Grad). Although that may not be what you like, there is more than one type of medical assistant. A few different medical assistants include a administrative medical assistant, clinical medical assistant, and opthalmic medical…show more content…
They are supervised by registered nurses. The registered nurses make sure they are doing the right thing (MS Health Careers). A nursing assistant is there when there is a need for personal care. They help patients of all ages and do many different tasks throughout the day. Nursing assistants will make beds, take vital signs, help patients walk, Report all changes to the nurse, and safety awareness (Explore Health Careers). Nursing assistants make $27,419 (Salary). There is not much schooling required to be a nursing assistant. You first need a high school diploma in order to be eligible for the program. Assistant training programs last up to 6 weeks. After that course has been finished you go onto more training (Nursing Assistant Guide). I personally would not like this type of job as much. It requires not much school and I would like to go to school for at least another year or so. I also do not like that it does not pay well. $24,000 a year is not going to be enough for me to live on my own. I also do not like that you are supervised by the registered nurse. This would definitely bother me, especially since I want to be a registered
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