Medical Assistant Code Of Ethics Research Paper

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Code of Ethics- AAMA There are professional memberships for all different kinds of organizations. In the medical field, the most important for medical assistants is the American Association for Medical Assistants (AAMA). By navigating through the website, you will find useful information like: the purpose of the organization, what services the organization provides, why it’s beneficial to be a member to the group, and the Code of Ethics that the organization stands by. On the AAMA’s website the vision says “A CMA (AAMA) for every patient” ("AAMA - Overview," n.d.) Along with that and their mission, it is evident that their main goal is to help the community through the medical assistant. Education and having the proper credentials is a necessity.…show more content…
It lays out how you should represent yourself and the organization. The Code of Ethics for the AAMA is based upon respect, honor, and the privilege to promote the health and well-being of the community. You should always have the best interest of your patients and your coworkers. Be prideful in the job you have and continue to strive for the best that you can be. Always being a student is a great example of being the best you can be. By utilizing the CEU’s and attending workshops to hone skills, you are doing a service to not only yourself but others around you. When you have the right training and skills set, you will be able to handle many different situations that you could possibly come across during your professional work…show more content…
She doesn’t think she needs it, saying to her supervisor “I know what I am doing! Why would you think that I need a refresher course? And why do people need vaccines anyways – they cause cancer!” When in reality, she was not quite sure how to complete a PPD because she hasn’t completed one in a while. A few days later, Lucy had to perform a PPD test on Mr. Johnson. Lucy went ahead and performed the PPD test. She tried three times and couldn’t get the wheel right. Mr. Johnson was very angry demanding someone else do her job for her. There were a few times that Lucy did not uphold the Code of Ethics put forth by the AAMA. Lucy did not respect herself, her supervisor, or her patients by performing a task that she was unsure about. She also wasn’t promoting the well-being and health of the community saying that patient’s don’t need vaccines. If Lucy would set aside her preconceived or personal feelings, then this situation might not have happened. This is why it’s important to always stay a student, and admit when you need help! This is a good example of how the Code of Ethics can be of good service to medical

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