John Sullivan's Feet In Smoke

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John Sullivan did a great job of maintaining his audience's attention throughout the entire story of Feet in Smoke. He does this by leaving the readers with questions and causing them to want to continue reading for answers. It was a suspenseful story, and I personally think that it was written very well because it did a great job of maintaining my interest due to curiosity. Although, it wasn’t just the curiosity and suspense that kept me reading, it was the way it was written as well. Throughout Sullivan's writing, he gets his audience emotionally and physically involved amongst every sentence. He does this by writing in second person by using the word, “you” throughout his story. Sullivan mentions a few ideas or experiences that may apply…show more content…
He entered, hearing his brother's conditions from family members and nurses. He described the ICU room as only the machines being alive. By doing this, he is illustrating to his audience how bad of condition Worth was in. His brother was solely relying on the machines to breath. Although, his heart was now beating on its own. Sullivan helps his audience realize what it is like to see someone you love in a near death experience and how scary it can be for them. When the accident first occurred, they described his brain activity as vegetable status. Sullivan described how his brothers brain started to gain activity, which was a good sign. The doctors believed Worth would come out of the coma, but they were unsure what condition he would be in. Once Worth awakens, Sullivan is sure to show how much his brother changed and how he may never be the same person again. This shows the audience how much a coma can affect a person and their family members. We as humans know that the brain and heart are some of the main organs of the human body. The health of those organs can majorly affects how a person lives. When being electrocuted, the organs are shocked and go through stress that may cause them to work incorrectly or stop working overall. When Worth put the microphone to his mouth, he was strongly shocked causing his heart to stop and brain to become

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