Media Impact On Social Media

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Media use is ubiquitous within the everyday lives of American citizens. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are among the highest social media engines used in the nation and in the world. Other medias such as television, newspapers, and radio have not only improved on how to share news with people nationally, but candidates are able to use these devices for their own benefit and communicate with people directly or indirectly; all of this happens by a touch of a button. Without our media resources, updates about presidential elections and information that concerns our people of the United States would not be able to reach people with a quickness. The advancement of our medias has become a crucial part to developing our political connection to…show more content…
Their ease of use and constant accessibility is changing our social networks and reshaping our political world for the better. Social media has increased the connection between candidates and the American people which benefits politics as whole. Nowadays, people are able to send a tweet and even call the office of our most prestigious candidates of the nation all because of our media advancements. In addition, by having people create social media accounts, it allows for those people to stay updated with what their favorite candidate(s) posts of a recent issue being discussed nationally and what their contribution could be to fix the problem. For example, if a bill is in the process of being passed and a person has a say to whether or not to go through with this idea, we as people have the right to call the office of

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