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The definition Webster used for ambition was; the desire or determination to achieve success. That is but a mere bland and confined description of what is the real meaning behind the word. Although people have varying interpretations due to the circumstances they live in, there's one many can certainly settle on. Ambition is a brute force produced by raw inner willpower that exist solely to reach greatness. Those who are able to embrace one's dreams and strive to do whatever it takes to achieve more, are the ones who share its true meaning. Nonetheless, even though it is what prompts new ideas onward, having imbued too much has corrupted even the mightiest authority figures. Throughout the course of history many have fallen victim to the ruinous perspective of ambition. Sustaining…show more content…
It has been the driving force to explore the unknown and discover new things. It was not even a century ago when mankind could only dream of going to the moon. However, targets like these are the ones that propel humanity forward. None the less, the United States has been the only country to ever have had any successful manned missions to the moon. Due to its triumphs, space expedition is no longer restricted by the basic question, “can we land on the moon.” Now, NASA is asking large-scale questions such as “what planets are habitable” and “is there possible life beyond the earth.” As questions spawn and hope for new discovery continues, the cap for breakthroughs does not seize. On September 28, 2015 NASA announced and confirmed the presence of liquid water on the planet Mars. The immensity of this information has opened up another window of possibilities. Where is the end to this perseverance? That’s what builds the basis of change, not settling for what you first intended. As long as someone is able to envision something further than what has already been accomplished, no prize will

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