Warped Concert Report

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As I walk down the school hallway, the sweet sounds of Brent Walsh’s voice fill my ears as I am comforted by the familiar sounds of one of my favorite bands, I the Mighty. I am taken back to one of the best moments of my life: Warped Tour 2014, where I was able to meet the members of I the Mighty and see them give it their all on stage. For as long as I can remember, concerts have been my happy place. Jumping to the beat and screaming the words back at artists who give it their all is a truly incredible experience. Although it is crowded and I am drenched in sweat, I don’t mind; in fact, I enjoy it. Being surrounded by others who are here for the same reason, the love of music, creates a sense of community, a family even. Although our new found family only lasts until the shows end, the memories live on forever. Concerts, however, are not my only happy place. Going to Universal Studios theme parks always brings back happy family memories. From waiting in line to screaming our heads off on the stomach turning rides- it has undoubtable been one my favorite memories. As I grew older and started attending Halloween Horror Nights, the sweet family memories took on a dark twist, but…show more content…
Although the law says 18, I have shown that I am more than capable of taking on certain responsibilities and freedoms that come with adulthood. Due to the amazing way I was raised by you, I am responsible, trustworthy, and honest. While living in Manhattan (by myself), I had all the opportunity in the world to make rash, irresponsible decisions, choices I saw the people around me making everyday. The only ideas that ever even had the audacity to enter my mind were a tattoo and dying my hair, which I talked to you about before trying to pursue. The entire experience, from flying to NYC and back by myself to living completely on my own has not only helped prepare me for adulthood, it is proven that I am ready for its

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