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People over the centuries have expressed their love for competition. The ancient greeks glorified athletes as their heroes and saviors. The Scottish competed in games for centuries to test each other's strength and grit. The Roman people had gladiators and chariot racers to test battle skills and might, but more recently the world has competed in the intense modern Olympic Games. These modern games have developed from a relatively small competition to now including thousands of athletes from hundreds of countries. The achievements of athletes make up only part of the history of these Olympics. The roots of these olympics came from ancient Greece in Olympia. The ancient games lasted from 776 B.C. to 393 A.D. This means the Greeks competed for…show more content…
This was more than any other nation. The United States had the third most medals out of everyone. There were over ten thousand paying spectators for these games. They watched sixteen events, with many skating events that Norway dominated at. One of the most shocking feats was when Canada won gold in hockey. Nobody doubted them but no one could believe how big their victory was. There were five games Canada played in the hockey tournament. Of these five games, only three goals were scored against Canada with Canada scoring one hundred and ten goals in total. The Canadian team scored an average of twenty-two goals per game while being scored on by less than once per game. Although the modern Olympics started as a relatively small competition, it has grown to an extreme amount of people. There have been twenty-two countries to host the modern Olympic games. Over the years thousands of athletes have competed. In 2016 at Rio de Janeiro there were over eleven thousand athletes, from two hundred and seven countries. There were three hundred and six events, with millions of viewers around the world. Records were broken that were thought to be unbreakable. The winners of these games are thought to be some of the greatest athletes ever

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