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When I first viewed the movie it took me some time to get used to the speed of the of signers and really understand what the signers were saying, but once I began to understand exactly what each signer was saying I felt drawn to their personal stories about their experiences of audism. Audism is something that I have never been exposed to because in the deaf community I am a part of everyone is included and no one is ever left out or made to feel un important. A major thing that every one learns in the beginning of entering into the deaf community is the proper courtesy around deaf people. We all know that is rude to speak if you are able to sign around deaf people as well if you are speaking to someone who is unable to sign and do not translate…show more content…
Many individuals from different cultures had their own personal accounts of how their families tried to cure them of what they thought to be a “tragic mistake”. For example, one gentleman told an account of how their uncle took them to a medicine man who was known to cure people of disease. When he entered into the medicine man’s hut he could not help but to laugh. Once the appointment was over his uncle asked if he could hear to which he said no. His uncle then blames his continuance of being deaf in the fact that he laughed during the ritual. Another account was from another gentleman whose parents heard of a treatment of radiation to both ears would open the Eustachian tube and allow him to hear. He received many treatments to no avail and was shocked when he heard that other people went through the exact same treatment. These stories made me very sad for these individuals because it must be very disheartening for them to with stand these procedures without feeling less than and wondering why their families just can not accept them for who they are. Thinking about these stories led me to reflect on the ways that I have treated deaf individuals in an audist

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