Essay On Soft Power

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SOFT POWER IN CONTEXT OF USA The soft power of a country rests primarily on three resources: its culture (in places where it is attractive to others), its political values (when it lives up to them at home and abroad), and its foreign policies (when they are seen as legitimate and having moral authority) 1 The United States of America utilizes its public and cultural diplomacy in order to encompass the world as soft power methods. as Milton .E. Cumming defines, ‘Cultural Diplomacy’ is the exchange of ideas, information, art and other aspects of culture among nations and their peoples to foster mutual Understanding. And cultural diplomacy is an effective tool in diplomatic relations as it has the potential to attract other nations to it conveniently.2 Irrespective of the fact that American culture isn’t unique, it’s a mixture of various cultures influenced by Native Americans. Latin Americans, Africans, Asians, Europeans, American culture even than influences other countries and their cultures. For Nye, the United States is the…show more content…
America doesn’t have much attractive assets of soft power but it uses its marketing and media strategies to promote, expand and enhance the insufficient elements of soft power to establish hegemony. American culture isn’t as rich as ours but still we couldn’t make a mark on the world in terms of soft power because firstly, America is a developed country but for India, westernization, globalization, brain drain, bilateral and multilateral internal and external issues can be identified as challenges which would prevent India from expanding its soft power. Soft power becomes credible when there is hard power behind it; that is why the US has been able to make so much of influence on other countries and cultures. Thus a balanced combination of both hard and soft power which is SMART POWER is needed for countries like
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