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Share a Coke campaign Share a Coke campaign is a marketing strategy from Coca-Cola company created by Oligivy agency in Australia 2011. Later, the campaign spread out more than 70 countries around the world. Coca Cola designed to increase the consumption of Coca-Cola and to raise brand awareness. Coca-Cola’s marketing analysis stated that in Australia teens and young adults were not consuming Coca-Cola products. Moreover, half of them had not had a Coke for over a month. Then Coca-Cola create a new package where one side of the bottle are replaced by the phrase "Share a Coke with" followed by a person's name. The names came from country's most popular names such as Boss, Pop and Champ. This tactic convinced customers to go out and find…show more content…
It also work with my family when I came back home and found out that my mother customized my name on it. This campaign was interesting. It made me feel good to my family and fun to find my own name on the bottles. It actually makes people to be more connected and it worked so well because it reached out to customer as individuals to make them feel special and appreciated. This tactic also influenced people to post their pictures with the personalized Coke bottles and sharing it with their friend on social…show more content…
The visual image represents warmth and positive sensation that arouses human physical needs for food. Also, the dynamic line shares a meaning of giving. When putting the bottles next to each other, the white stripe showed like two hands passing a Coke bottle to another hand. In addition, the Share a Coke’s text character design symbolized casual and sincere from its curves and edges. The image event of Coca-Cola campaign created consciousness of happiness and positive energy of giving and receiving. Individual’s image event on social media could also persuade other people to join the campaign. It formed people’s perception and emotion of giving and it also created opportunity for the brand to and interact with their

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