Essay On Colonialism In Nigeria

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Colonialism has impacted greatly on social, economic and political behaviours of Nigeria elite and that have equally affected the present generation of Nigerian’s. Because of Nigeria’s experience as a British colony, the political and international orientation of Nigeria’s policy and decision makers are greatly influenced by western concepts and sympathies. Consequently, most foreign policy decisions taken considerably bear in mind the interest of the colonial masters since independence some tangible and intangible links with the metropolitan powers formally under the colonial power. The governmental see-saw between the military and civilian has affected the conduct of Nigeria’s foreign policy. Since independence 55 years ago the military have ruled the nation for over 25 years shaping the main direction of Nigerian foreign policy. Major highlights and successes recorded particularly with commitment to liberation of Africa and ensuring global peace have been associated with military regimes, since hierarchical command structure of the military enhances decisiveness in decision making (Bello, 2002).…show more content…
The waves of social change and democratization resulted in the end of cold war that subsequently enhances the demise of totalitarianism globally makes any future military regime untenable. Given the predisposition of the present world orders, democratization will play a major role as an element in the conditionality for international cooperation. In such an international environment, the implementation of democratic process will be the indispensable starting point for Nigeria’s foreign policy. The ability of the democratically elected Nigerians to view foreign policy thrust objectively will determine the future orientation of the nation’s foreign

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