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The Patriot, made in 2000, is a film about a man and his struggles with fighting for America’s freedom and his own freedom. The film takes place during the American Revolution in 1776. Benjamin Martin, a veteran of the French and Indian War and widower, is original shown in the beginning on his family’s plantation with his workers, and seven children. His eldest son Gabriel is an eager of legal age teen who wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and serve for the cause. When a mail carry arrives with an invitation to Charleston for Martin, he and his family attend a meeting for the South Carolina General Assembly. There the men quarrel about where to support the continental army in going into war with the British. Martin, although he wants…show more content…
Colonel William Tavington comes to Martin’s plantation take his wounded soldiers, kill the wounded rebels, and arrest Gabriel. Although Martin tries to plead with him, Gabriel is taken with Tavington. Martin’s second oldest son Thomas tries to stop the British soldiers from taking his brother and is shot and killed by Tavington. Angry and grieving, Martin takes down a fleet of 20 men with the help of two of his youngest children. Martin later decides to leave his five youngest children with his late wife’s sister. He joins Gabriel in the battle field and they form a militia. After several victories they realize that the enemy does not believe in the efforts of such a small group of men. Martin also tells Gabriel that he is afraid of war because it caused him to viciously murder many men while he was in the French and Indian War. Over the next year Martin’s militia goes through many battles of guerilla warfare, until Tavington kills Gabriela. Just as Martin is going to give up, he realizes that his sons died for the the independence of America and he goes back to

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