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This article discusses one of the major issues of concern within the pediatric sector. It describes the issue as the most common chronic problem among children. Emphasis is placed more on needy children. Managed care is believed to have changed from a service-based indemnity to a prepaid healthcare system. The writer indicates studies focus on Medicaid quality of care under managed care setting. However, few of these (studies) address the issue of dental care within the concept of managed care. The public enforces government to include children access to full dental coverage. Dental utilization and care delivery in both rural and urban areas are examined. It uses facts and figures as well as children within the state of Philadelphia. Focus on age ranges from three to twenty…show more content…
Assessment is made on the regular use of preventive dental services. The analysis is built on descriptive dental claims found on a four-year study period, where seventy-two percent of the study children received preventive dental services annually. There is a discovery on children who have enrolled into a four-year continuous program and have had a regular use of preventive services (less common). More so, five to six children who are on a four-year continuous enrollment received preventive dental services on a yearly basis. The author shows a various perspective of Medicaid managed care provider with other geographical information, which indicate a mismatch between the majority of study children and major dental providers. However, the mismatch affects the likelihood of the use of dental care in a very small proportion of study children who have no available major dental providers in their residential areas. The analysis is also made with the logistic regression, which shows lots of patients' relevant characteristics. It's supported with fact and examples relative to co-morbidity or frequent medical attention, dental providers and poverty in residential areas related to the use of dental

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