Health Care Organization: The Mayo Clinic

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The Mayo Clinic is one of the world’s most recognized health care organizations, and is located within the United States. It has major locations in Rochester, MN, Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ and Jacksonville, FL. It also has many other locations in several states. “Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit worldwide leader in medical care, research and education for people from all walks of life. Mayo clinic in Minnesota has been recognized as the best hospital in the nation for 2014-2015 by U.S. News & World Report.” Retrieved October 6, 2014 from The Mayo Clinic primarily specializes in uncommon illnesses; patients are referred to this facility from all corners of the United States, and also from all…show more content…
al. (2011) and Curtright & Stolp-Smith (2000) competitive marketing analysis is a stage in which commercial organizations find their place in the market and insert their product or service in the lives of the potential clients and stakeholders. The competitive marketing analysis allows the facility to see what the competitors are offering, the way they are offering it, the prices and their own strategies to earn (and maintain) their share of the market. By identifying the position of the competitors, it is viable for the organization to attack the market through the blind spots that the present competitors are not covering (Lauterburg et. al.,…show more content…
Without this competitive marketing analysis the new organization is not able to evaluate the needed approach of the market and will end up failing over time. In regards to the Mayo Clinic, whom is a well established organization, the analysis of the marketing of other similar institutions is a constant concern, since the competition will be looking for opportunities and generating targeted campaigns to get hold of new customers. The Mayo Clinic represents itself as a supreme resource to find a cure for a disease or medical condition. Their website explains that they are focused on a very specific target market: Difficult cases of illnesses that have been attempted to be resolved by other organizations and specialists, complicated cases is their highest priority and in fact the more rare the condition the better for the clinic, since they also produce cutting edge research that is published in worldwide

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