Film Analysis: Pulp Fiction

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Today everyone watches movies and most of us even follow the lives of the actors in them. Now while I can't say that I follow the lives of many actors I can say that I love their movies. Movies allow me to take my mind off of things and get away from my life when it becomes too stressful. When I watch a movie I’m no longer in my world but in the world that the writer created. One of my all time favorite movies is a movie called Pulp Fiction. This movie has everything one needs to be considered a great movie: Beautiful writing with a good plot, interesting characters and lifelike dialogue, an exceptional cast that is accredited and convincing, and finally a soundtrack that is recognizable, meaningful and well edited. Pulp Fiction is the one movie I feel meets all of these criterion. One thing no one denies Pulp Fiction has is beautiful writing.…show more content…
An exceptional cast can be defined as actors that are convincing in each of their roles, that are acredited, and that fit their roles well. You want an actor to become the character the moment that character is on the screen. For example, in Pulp Fiction, the moment John Travolta enters the scene he is no longer John Travolta; he is now Vincent Vega, mobster hitman. You also want the actors to be acredited, well versed and recognisable. This gives the movie a little extra push to be a good movie and most of the time gurantees that the acting will be strong. The job of the casting director is also important; He must choose actors to play the certain roles. In Pulp Fiction actor John Travolta wouldn’t be able to play crime lord Marsellus Wallus who in the movie is played by Ving Rames. Quentin Tarantino had an all-star cast for this film; the list of amazing actors goes on and on and due to this the acting is amazing. Actors include: John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Christopher Walken, Bruce Willis and

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