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In the world of fashion, money talks. By this I mean that the more your outfit costs, the more people go gaga over what you wear. Different luxury brands over the world has proven this over time. I mean who wouldn’t want to wear Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada or Hermes? Seeing the latest models debuting the new releases of luxurious items makes us all want to wear them. And with the changing of times who knows maybe the luxury fashion industry will conquer us all. So are luxury brands fashion statements? Let’s find out. First of all what is a fashion statement? A fashion statement is loosely defined as something original worn to make a bold statement about fashion knowledge or draw attention to oneself. Girls who wore pencil skirts in the 1950s were considered a fashion statement, since it is widely different from the accepted fashion trends on that era. Fashion things can also be liberation such as women wearing pants and men wearing skirts to end gender appropriation. It can be statements of personality such as neon, groovy and funky fashion in the 1960s and 1970s. Of course it can also show social standard and living, if you’re luxurious or the…show more content…
Well one of it is its importance to the economy. Did you know that between each economic crisis in the world of almost 12 decades ago, the luxury industry did not just survive; it even continued to show growth on the passing years. Roughly, there were 90 million consumers of luxury brands in 1995, and since 2013 it had a massive growth to 330 million consumers. Almost 50 million factories and industries of luxury are found in China supporting its global economy. There are industries found in the Middle East and in Europe but Chinese luxury markets are the ones experiencing exceptional growth rates. So the next time you buy from different fashion brands think about how it pleases you and helps other countries regarding their

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