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Microcosm and Macrocosm In this universe there is nothing independently but are linked together by virtue of the nature of atman and privacy macrocosm. Microcosm is something smaller or "miniature" of the Earth, which is linked to macrocosm, which is bigger than the Earth "or" Maha atman? ponmatman it would be so simple or ponmatman is the atman, which is, however, a member of ponmatman, it will be. People want to know the truth that lies. In the mysteries of the cosmos, will try to study all things to sort out, get what is the atman, and ponmatman each other because if they know they will use the atman or ponmatman that they know or accustomed as a teacher or a parent article to know the reality of the atman or the associated ponmatman still do not know the following. You grow the subtitles said anyone if know what makes things different in this world already know. In this world all over the world. The following is an example of what is the atman, and ponmatman each other. 1. Solar is a ponmatman and the world is the atman. 2. the world is ponmatman…show more content…
Superstition activities many activities relies on the principle of the atman, as the hanging rail or an amulet to worship Buddha, etc. Such a practice is to establish such rails or worship Buddha amulet becomes ponmatman. Who amulet hanging Rails and is therefore a good thing atman home work in Rails just invent. In the Holy altar, it will inevitably reflect the good people involved with ponmatman? it is the atman is like that as well as being a friend create coziness, be held within the family. The best way and the easiest way is to make the House clean, eliminate waste and sewage at many things, including the dilapidated disrepair and properties, to put an end to the rest, but what many prosperous and complete. The family, which has a natural ponmatman natural happiness, but it will be a healthy itself of atman and

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