Flapper Fashion In The 1920's

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Flapper fashion sure was the “bee’s knees!” A flapper was a flirtatious woman in the early to middle 1920’s, with a wild sense of style. Fringe, sparkles, and everything regarding the first decade of 1900’s style was what these women would wear. Since the war was over, girls decided to lead everyone out of the slope they were in. Parties and going to the club was the most popular form of entertainment, along with gambling and bidding. So, if there was a dance club to attend, there had to be an outfit to attend it in. Mostly middle aged women and young adults would attend these fun events. Because the 1920’s fashion was for the rebellion, where they wore different styles, just according to the event they were attending, and all of the clothing they had in their closets. In the past, certain events needed different attire. There was a style for every part of the day. If a flapper was swimming, she would wear a flower printed wool cap on her head, along with a wool or wool jersey fitted one piece. Although women wanted to show more skin, when they were not in the water they wore loose wraps and silk capes to cover up. If she were to go to a golf outing where it was called for to wear an “almost-male” oriented ensemble of a short skirt with…show more content…
When a woman is walking down the street, she is wearing circular sunglasses because it is fashionable to be different and to be an outcast. If you had the newest line of clothing in the 1920’s, you were considered to be rich because everything new was always very expensive to pay for. The chic, fancy style was associated with Tiffany’s. Tiffany’s was renowned with luxury jewelry. Flappers loves sparkling pieces. Stacks of three or four bracelets that made noise were an obnoxious sounding fashionable accessory. Large pearls and colored stones were popular, but most women were against piercing their ears. They wore clip-on’s and

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