Violence Against Women In Zimbabwe

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CHAPTER 1 1.0 Introduction Violence against women has been a persistent and universal problem occurring in every culture and social group in Zimbabwe. This social menace often reflects and reinforces the differences between males and females. Often in its execution the male sex tends to benefit more than the females. In the African setting violent behaviour of males towards females is a norm this being a clear indication of gender based violence. If not monitored or reduced the effects could be drastic. Not only does it affect individuals but also communities as the sense of self -actualization is wrecked. Very little or no knowledge of the reality has been exposed both to students and Solusi University at large. The little knowledge includes…show more content…
Despite various initiatives being put at national level to curb this problem of gender based violence it has remained evident in communities. This violence is premised on the subordination of women. Often it includes acts that inflict physical, sexual and psychological harm on women or girls. Gender based violence occurs both in the public and private sphere. Such violence does not only feature in families and general communities but, it is sometimes also perpetuated by institutions through…show more content…
(b) How has gender based violence affected the female students? 1.6 Significance of the study It is hoped the Solusi University will learn about the prevalence of gender based violence amongst its female students. Optimism also lies on the view that the institution can draft more measures, mechanisms more effective in dealing with gender based violence and also ensure protection of female students. It is of fundamental importance for the researcher to be involved in this research as it will help Solusi University in gaining a better insight of this reality. Furthermore, the research can help by giving a guide in creating an environment that is gender based violence free. 1.7 Limitations The researcher may get different opinions from the study group leading to contradicting statements which may make it rigid to come up with a valid conclusion. The researcher could also face lower than expected commitment from the study group as they are also students facing academic responsibilities. Financial constraint is possible factor that could hinder the progress of the study. 1.9 Delimitation The researcher is going to focus on the populace of Solusi University since the researcher is a resident at the

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