Krispy Kreme Case Study

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Krispy Kreme Krispy Kreme started its operations on July 13th 1937 in USA and by 1973 it grew up into a South Eastern chain of 60 shops. The first “retail only store” was opened in Greensboro, NC in 1989. They had their first international launch in Canada in 2001 and expanded into 21 international markets by 2012. They had their 500th international shop opened in Mexico. In 2011, they introduced signature coffee blends. Tony Thompson became its new President and CEO in 2013. The first country or market that Krispy crème entered in Asia happens to be South Korea. They opened 80 stores throughout India in 2015. Judging by the competition, Krispy Kreme has not been doing well but it can if thinks of some exciting new flavors for India's growing…show more content…
In 2015, Dunkin Donuts opened few stores and restaurants in other cities of India. Dunkin’ Donuts was also looking for distribution partners in smaller cities in India. Because of the similarities donuts have with Vada in Indian foods, Indian chef Pedro D’mello was asked to analyze and review the flavors offered at Dunkin’ Donuts. In 2015, he suggested that as the festival “Diwali” was associated with sweets, donuts should reflect those traditional flavors that might become quite appealing to the consumers. As families and friends share boxes of sweets viz., Mithai, and exchange “kheer”, the South Asian version of rice pudding, “jalebis”, deep-fried pretzel-shaped treats etc., he tried and developed various flavors. Among them flavors like a kesar badam (saffron-inflected almond milk) donut, topped with saffron cream, blanched almonds, and crushed pistachios; a milk cake donut filled with rice pudding; a soan papdi (flaky pastry) donut coated with chickpea flour; and a white chocolate donut topped with guava and chili became very popular. Overall, it took just three months to formulate the recipes for the new donuts. Thus, American products with a distinct Indian flavor resembling Indian sweets came into existence. Further, sufficient care was taken to store them in a cool environment to keep them fresh and

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