Denims In The 1950's

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Fashion Industry has had an enduring love affair with denims and moreover they are the most versatile piece of clothing. Denims rarely fades out of fashion , they say. This chameleon natured fabric remains definitive and is an undisputed necessity of every season. It is difficult to take a girl away from this affordable luxury. Denims or blue jeans may not be the easiest item to choose during your shopping hasten, but still they are very indispensible. When denims were first worn in 1950's, who would've thought that this blue cotton twill would take such a giant leap, from a basic blue to every colour possible. Denims were earlier considered an anti-fashion outfit, but it became a major fashion statement in the 1950's, when iconic Marilyn…show more content…
Calvin Klein brought denims worldwide through an amazing ad-campaign starring Brooke Shields during 1980's. Brooke Shields once said, "know what comes between me and my Calvin? Nothing." In 90's Tom Ford revised flared jeans for Gucci. Some similar high-waist silhouette of the disco age made a comeback again in 2004 in different variations. The classic Levi's 501 has always been in fashion-basic, simple and stylish. Denims has always reinvested itself after every season back-to-back with a wide variety of forms, cuts and shapes. The 1990's also made the denim jacket, a cult item which once again caught-on the denim-on-denim look, this fall. Denims are always very cool and are always evolving. In last few years, this fabric has been also seen on the runway in various versions, all from casual to urban sportswear. Like the LBD, denim is also a fashion favourite muse. Denims are timeless and evergreen. They never get too boring. In spring 2011, denim took a much wider approach with Stella McCartney's pocket less fluid tunics to Celine's clean and minimalistic looks. Unlike the last season, denims this season has an element of a certain boldness to

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