Andrew Carnegie And The Rise Of Big Business Analysis

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The “American dream” is the belief that, using hard work, anyone can rise above their humble beginnings and become influential, rich, and powerful. Anyone who is interested in business, specifically industry, the history of America, or wants inspiration to be the next “American dream” should read Andrew Carnegie and the Rise of Big Business. This book talks about the man who created a boom in one of the largest American industries. Andrew Carnegie and the Rise of Big Business, written by Harold C. Livesay, is one of the many biographies about Andrew Carnegie, a nineteenth-century tycoon. As well as being a tycoon in his time, he was a steel industry icon and one of many examples of someone living the “American dream”. This book is worth the read for its credible sources, its graceful use of pictures, its bias, and insight into the mind of an American legend, Andrew Carnegie.…show more content…
Livesay was born June 13th, 1934 in Louisville, Kentucky. Before he began writing and teaching, he went through several occupations such as tomato picker, ferry boat deckhand, and steel trucker. Yearning a mentally stimulating job, Livesay turned to writing. He later achieved schooling up to a Ph.D. (June 1970) from John Hopkins University. Until 1978, he was employed in the History Department of the University of Michigan later joining Virginia Polytechnic Institute and University and even later Texas A&M University. He had the Clifford A. Taylor Professorship in Liberal Arts, September, 1988-August, 2014. As well as his many jobs, his writing career has created books such as Samuel Gompers and Organized Labor in America (1978), American Made: Shaping the American Economy (2007), American Made: Men who Shaped the American Economy (1979), and Andrew Carnegie and the Rise of Big

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