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Lung cancer is known around the world as one of the most common cancers that people are diagnosed with. In 85% to 90% of cases, Lung cancer is caused by the carcinogens in nicotine. However, it can also be caused by long-term exposure to other environmental carcinogens like Asbestos and Radon. Although Lung Cancer can easily be prevented, it is still second in leading cases of cancer, and first in leading cases of Cancer deaths. There are four different kinds of lung cancer: Squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, large cell carcinoma, and small cell carcinoma. (Parles & Schiller,2003) In 2008, 15% (114,690) of all males with new cases of cancer were diagnosed with Lung cancer, and 14% (100,330) of all females with new cases of cancer were…show more content…
Although that is the main cause for a diagnosis, it is not limited to just smoking. Being exposed to asbestos and other toxic chemical which are dangerous to a person's health can lead to lung cancer (Margolis & Haponik, 2003). The act of smoking accounts for the 87 to 90 percent of the patients who have lung cancer. Even if a smoker has quit for a majority of years, the risk of getting lung cancer still remains. When people smoke cigarettes, carcinogens are formed, which are toxic substances that lead to cancer. Cigarettes in particular contain over 43 cancer causing carcinogens. A non-smoker can be twenty to thirty percent more likely to get lung cancer if they are exposed to secondhand smoke, since the chemicals and carcinogens are released with the smoke when the smoker exhales. (Margolis & Haponik, 2003). According to Margolis and Haponik (2003), the second largest cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers is Radon. Radon does not have a color or odor. Radon is usually created from the decay of uranium, which is found in the rocks and soil. (Margolis & Haponik, 2003). A majority of other things can contribute to a lung cancer diagnoses including air pollution, traffic fumes, and smokestack emissions (Margolis & Haponik,

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