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Lot of people died from lung cancer over the years. It use to be rare but now it is common. “Lung cancer continue to be the leading cause of death in both men and women in the US with over 158,900 death in the 1999. Worldwide lung cancer kills over 1 million people a year. The German Phsician, Fritz Lickent published a paper in which he showed that lung cancer particularly likely to be smokers”(Witschi). Lung cancer is an interesting disease. Cancer was first diagnosed in 1838 by Johannes Muller. Cigarettes caused a lot of diseases. Lung cancer used to be rare, but because many people smoke today, it is not anymore. First of all, Lung cancer was diagnosed in 1838 and the people who found it was Johannes Muller. “A German pathologist named Johannes Muller is credited with making this discovery in 1838”(Sander).In forty years later by year later by the of World War two lung cancer rise fourteen higher. In the beginning when Lung cancer was found in not a lot of people smoke that's why Lung cancer was rare. It was not one person who found lung cancer it was two people and they were Richard Doll and Austin Hill. Usually people would get Lung cancer…show more content…
Most people who smoke have a extremely high chance of getting lung cancer.”Lung cancer was once a very rare disease, so rare that doctors took special notice when confronted with as case think it in a lifetime addity”(Proctor).”Muller was able to show that people with lung cancer are far more likely than non-cancer control to have smoked… study from 1943”(Proctor). In the 1943 people would be smoke and, doctor found out that is was smoking that cause cancer. People who had Lung cancer were far more likely to have smoked unlike like the other that have not smoked.Tobacco would be the main problem of people having Lung cancer. Before when Lung cancer was discovered it was rare but now it not because people smoke a lot

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