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Lululemon is a global well-known brand. The company became a successful business by ensuring a positive experience for customers through the value of quality, offering fitness classes, and training their employees to create a welcoming, encouraging environment. Lululemon provides fitness and yoga studio equipment, as well as the clothing in which consumers would wear while working towards a healthier life. Lululemon creates original fabrics and provides top-quality clothing to customers. Lululemon was founded by the athletic Chip Wilson in the summer of 1998, only to finally open its doors in November 2000. (Lululemon, Our Company History, 2015) In the beginning, Wilson had so many ideas for the store that it became too busy for him to maintain.…show more content…
Each product is designed with a unique fabric, accustomed to Lululemon products. Luon is their signature fabric that was created to withstand stretching and sweating. (LuluLemon, 2015) Other fabrics such as Swift, Luxtreme, Natural Blends, Mesh, Liners and Silverscent are also used to allow ventilation, stretch, prevent bacteria and breathability. (Lululemon, Quality, 2015) Lululemon’s goal while creating fabrics is to give the illusion as if you are wearing nothing at all. (Lululemon, The "a" to "z" of Product Features, 2015) They want their clothing to be so comfortable and fit so well that if preforms with your body. All products produced by Lululemon are made for high performance. The purpose of these products is to move with your body and allow the opportunity to improve lifestyles. Lots of thought and planning goes into the development of these products in order to come out with top quality. Lululemon ran into an issue with their products when pairs of yoga pants were found to be see-through. These pants accounted for 17% of stock for the company, so this was clearly a large issue. (Edwards, 2013) The pants were later recalled and the fabric was altered in order to ensure this problem would no longer occur. By responding to customers concerns and finding a solution, Lululemon reconciled their relationship with consumers. (Edwards,

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