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Opportunity Statement: Purpose Statement Lululemon Athletica Lululemon Atheltica is a sports and yoga oriented apparel company. The first store was established by Chip Wilson in the year 2000 in Vancouver, BC. Lululemon offers a vast range of products and services including: • Yoga and running inspired clothing • Fitness accessories and tools • Yoga and self-defense classes In addition, to these products and services, the company is engaged in providing knowledge of health and fitness to its employees and customers. Lululemon is a specialty retailer and offers its products through online and physical stores. Opportunity The opportunity I would like to propose is expansion of men products at Lululemon Athletica. Currently, Lululemon focuses…show more content…
Therefore by taking advantage of expanding its products, Lululemon can increase its profitability and brand recognition. • New sports apparel brands such as of GAP, Nike and Adidas offer extensive range of men clothing. If Lululemon continues to narrowly focus its product for women, the organization might not be able to survive compared to its competitors. Limitations • The company financial implications might limit its ability to expand men product line. • Lululemon main store is located in Vancouver, however, the organization operates across the U.S, Canada and Australia. Therefore, the organization needs to conduct surveys continue extensive research based on regional weather, trend and consumer taste before executing product expansion plan. • The proposal will mainly focus on Lululemon’s store in Vancouver. Therefore, other stores across the world might not be able to take advantage of all the information that will be provided through the research. Research Plan Primary research: I will interview my uncle, who currently works at Lululemon Athletica in Vancouver, BC. I will conduct a survey of males who are interested in fitness and yoga apparel to determine consumer style

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