Essay On Smart City

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IOT’S FOR SMART CITIES. INTRODUCTION: Living in the modern era there’s no rejection that the world is getting modernized day by day in every aspect of life. Technology has taken over our lives and has become one of the basic necessities. One of them is Internet. Users are the most important part of the internet and with the day by day advancement in internet technology, that day is not far when our everyday life communication will be equipped with digital communications, protocols, microcontrollers and so on. The concept of IOT aims to make internet more accessible and easy to use in every aspect of life such as in home appliances, monitoring, vehicles, and so on. However achieving these applications can be a really difficult task as different…show more content…
The idea of Smart City has its own benefits, as it helps in managing and improving the city easily such as light control, garbage collection, surveillance, parking and so on. This not only helps the local government to look towards their citizens and city needs but also helps the citizens to know about their city and about the new services provided by the IOT. SMART CITY CONCEPT AND SERVICES: The Smart City concept is estimated at billions of dollars. Sectors and industries such as Smart Government, Smart Mobility, Smart Buildings and Smart Environment are all working in collaboration to achieve this task but due to some financial, political and technical issues this concept has not yet been brought up. Under the Political Barrier the primary issue is of handling the decision making power when so many different sectors and industries are involved, but this barrier can be overcome by making a department in the city which will handle all its decision making, financial and strategic planning. Under the Technical Barrier the primary issue is of handling the heterogeneous technologies required in the development. This can also be overcome if we publish our vision of Smart City to the
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