Pit And The Pendulum Setting

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“…, all at once, there came a deadly nausea over my spirit, and I felt every fiber in my frame thrill…” (L19-L20). This quote is one of the many bitter phrases that makes us cringe inside of the short story “The Pit and the Pendulum”. Similar to Edgar Allan Poe’s life his short story is almost insuperable due to the vitriolic aspects of it. The main character of this story goes through a series of horrific experiences before suddenly being saved. The setting of the story make us realize that eve in in dire situations, instinct of mankind and possibilities of survival will bring salvation. This ominous setting sets up various aspects of the story that makes it theme. The first way the author uses the setting to convey the theme is by using descriptive mood and atmosphere words and phrases created through imagery. The…show more content…
On the Lines 80 to 85 quotes “There I suffered…I dreaded at the first glance…It was not that I feared to look upon things, horrible... a wild desperation at heart”. Just alone in those five lines words like suffered, dread, feared, horrible, and desperation all pertain to the ominous type of words that dominate this short story. These sentences describe what the setting provoked him to think and feel; therefore, giving in to the fact that the setting is hinting the theme that he was struggling to survive his horrible and sufferable situations. The next quote is located on Lines 1-11, “…sick unto death that long agony… the dread sentences of death... that even to grotesqueness”. These lines belong to the first paragraph of the story. Already, in the first 11 lines we have found the oerds present of an ominous and insuperable pattern of diction. This directly related to the theme because the dark setting is being set up to the dark setting set up to express the gloominess and the people surrounding
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