Animal Farm Rhetorical Analysis

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George Orwell, an alias name for Eric Blair, was born in 1903 and died in 1950. He was born in the British Colony of India and later went to school in England. His book, “Animal farm”, was written from personal experiences and his book attacks the government of Russia and its struggle. Although “Animal farm” symbolizes Russia, it is staged in England. The reason for this is it brought the criticism of Joseph Stalin closer to his own life and home. George Orwell’s style is easy to read since he is hesitant about intellectuals and complexity of literature being deceiving. This can be observed by how the intellectuals in the story are the antagonists. He is straight to the point; there is no fluffy language or explanation of reactions and emotion. It is simple, yet powerful. The tone of the book is…show more content…
Tearing of throats actually represents the loss of voice of the people during communistic times. Because the tone is withdrawn, important lessons are learned without lecture. All events throughout the story are symbolic of the socialist view and lives ruined because of the corruption from totalitarian governments. A vision Karl Marx had was soon destroyed by greedy, power thirsty Stephens 2 people. As Old Major gathers all of the animals in manor farm, he shares with them his vision: all animals living together in peace, without being controlled by humans. He preaches the possibility of this paradise and the animals and they are filled with hope that they can one day achieve this idea of tranquility. Old major teaches them a song called, “Beasts of England” in which the message of their desired freedom is proclaimed. This dream explains how man consumes without

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