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Little Red Riding Hood is an old European tale about a young village girl and a big, cunning wolf. This popular story has a lot of manifestations and interpretations from traditional oral storytelling, publishing the tale in printing press as part of the household and children’s collection books, one episode segment in a cartoon series and two-hour live action films. The different manifestations of the tale which will be examined thoroughly are the oral and non-oral form, printed version and the film interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood. The most popular written records of the tale were published by Charles Perrault and the Grimm brothers. Both publications have the same characters and story line. However, there are specific elements of the tale in which these two differ. The differences between these two printed tale versions will be explained later on. The story was first…show more content…
1, 2, 3 The tale was part of the collection “Tales and Stories of the Past with Morals, Tales of Mother Goose in 1697. 4 The main character of the story is the village girl wearing a red chaperon in Perrault’s version who was also known as the Little Red Riding Hood. The young girl travel through the woods in order to deliver a basket filled with food to her sick grandmother. The antagonist of the story is the wolf who spotted the girl and her basket in the woods. This wolf decides to secretly follow her behind the shrubs, bushes, trees, and patches of grass because the wolf wants to eat the Little Red Riding Hood. The wolf moves towards the girl who honestly tells him where she is heading. He

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