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Once upon a time there was a little girl who came into this world. She grew up and it was time for her to go to school just like her big sisters. One of her older sister was in third grade and the other was in six. Her mommy and daddy who loved her very much told her that she was going to start at Bellevue. Now as a four year old, of course she was terrified since she was always at home with her mother. The first day the little girl and her mommy entered room number two and the little girl was not frightened because her mommy was able to stay with her, but the next day she was not. The four year old did not like that that much. This was when she seen her kindergarten teacher, Ms. McKinistry in a different light. The teacher took the four year…show more content…
At the end, she ran to her daddy's car and was hoping her teacher forgot. Of course, the teacher did not forget and when she saw her parents, she told them that their daughter was trying to cut her hair today. She got a look for her father with a stern voice to back it up. He told her that she knows better and she does not use scissors to cut her hair. Then he turned around to the teacher to tell her thank you for letting him know and the teacher looked at the five year old to tell her as well to not cut her hair with scissors. The teacher left and her parents told her on the way home from school why we should not cut our hair with scissors. They explained to her that only older people are allowed to do that because little children can mess up their beautiful hair and they asked her if she likes her hair. The little girl responded that she likes her hair and she was only trying to help her daddy, so he does not have to cut it. The parents told her that it was nice of her to try to help, but again they explained why it was wrong. The little girl cried and said sorry and she promised that she will never use the scissors to cut her own hair again. This little girl grew up and kept her

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