A Tribute To Grace Hoadley Dodge

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According to Phyllis M. Criscuoli, Executive Director of the Cleveland H. Dodge Foundation, “Grace Dodge was a hundred years ahead of her time with her focus on the working, nutritional and educational issues of concern to immigrant young women.” (“A Tribute to Grace Hoadley Dodge”, 2001). Grace Hoadley Dodge (1856-1914) was an American philanthropist. She was the founder of Teachers College, which grew out of the New York College for the Training of Teachers (“Grace Hoadley Dodge”; Selles & Noll, 2006). Selles and Noll recounted that Dodge was “one of the first women” nominated as the member of the New York Board of Education (2006). In this research paper, I will discuss why Dodge was considered to be ahead of her time with her effort…show more content…
Moody, an American evangelist. Besides her family tradition, her interaction with Moody further strengthened her desire to become involved in social work and social reformation. (Katz, 1980; Simon, 1996) Historical Background Grace Hoadley Dodge was born and raised in New York City. In the decades after the Civil War, New York was afflicted with crime, economic recession, surging joblessness and spread of diseases. New York was also in a time of increasing drift toward urbanization (Katz, 1980). A vast immigration began pouring through the city portals (“A Tribute to Grace Hoadley Dodge”, 2001). The cities have grown so crowded that the urban population was growing faster than everyone can imagine. Poverty, growing inequality and crime are inevitable outcome of population expansion of urbanization. It is easy to led to this conclusion that setting up of rules and regulations fails to keep pace with the growing of urbanization and immigration. Dodge was the pioneer in her time to facilitate the social reformation. Three Stages of Grace Hoadley Dodge’s Career in…show more content…
In 1907, Dodge established the New York Travelers Aid Society to protect female immigrant and migrants from being hurt by criminals (“Grace Hoadley Dodge”). Conclusion Grace Hoadley Dodge, a reformist in the field of women’s right, has devoted her life to social work and social reform. She has dedicated herself to organizing the Working Girls' Societies, forming the New York College for the Training of Teachers, which become Teachers College, and establishing the Travelers Aid Society for New York. Her pioneering approaches to helping working girls, combating poverty, and protecting stranded travelers, especially women and child, have tremendously improved the living and working condition of women and people in

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