Social Problems In Malaysia Essay

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Malaysia gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1957. It’s GDP per capita at this time was approximately of 234.92 US dollars and the life expectancy of a Malay was 59 years9. In the following years the government decided to guide Malaysia’s economy in the good way with macroeconomic plans. This allowed Malaysia’s GDP to grow in average 6.5 percent per year from its independence to 2005. Malaysia’s economy also grew thanks to the exportation of many goods such as rubber and palm oil which were led internationally thanks to the Strait of Malacca but tourism also helped Malaysia’s economy to grow1 6. Even though Malaysia’s economy grew very fast which helped them become the 20th most competitive economy in the world in 2015, it suffers certain difficulties such as social problems including…show more content…
This essay will look at two different types of social problems which are education and population growth. In many LEDCs the lack of education is a main problem which refrains the development of the country. A lack or a bad education reduces the opportunities in life of every citizen and also creates an undertrained workforce which then leads to an economic decline so to less development. In many LEDCs the lack of education is a huge refrain for their development. According to the Africa Learning Barometer only about half of sub-Saharan Africa’s 128 million school-aged children currently attending school are likely to acquire the basic skills needed for them to live healthy and productive lives7. Queen Rania of Jordan, co-founder of the Global Campaign for Education said: “Education doesn’t just beat poverty. It beats disease. It beats inequality, and for girl’s education is nothing less than a lifesaver, from stigmatism, insecurity and violence.” This shows how important education is for every country in the world to develop. So education is a main social problem faced by LEDCs to become an

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