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Brown rice vs. White rice: Which is better? Rice is considered a staple diet all over the world. With over billions of people consuming it daily, the question remains which is better out of these two? We all know or must have heard that brown rice is healthier as compared to white rice. Now, let us read about it in detail as to how brown rice is healthier? But before that, let us clarify the physical difference between these two rice. Physical appearance: 1. White rice: It as the name says is white in colour. This type of rice goes under heavy refining removing bran and most of its germ content. This processing reduces the fibre contents and many other nutrients. It then goes under further refining taking away the last layer of germ known…show more content…
It was reported that a cup of cooked brown rice has 218 calories while a cup of cooked white rice contains 242 calories. Therefore, to regulate calorie count, switching to brown rice is a good option. - Fibre and Carbs content Though both brown and white rice are high in carbs, but compared to white rice, brown rice has fewer carbs count. And, brown rice is high in fibre. It was found out that a cup of brown rice has 46 grams of carbohydrates, including 4 grams of fibre. While a cup of white rice contains 53 grams of carbohydrates, including less than a gram of fibre. Brown rice is clearly a better choice as it being rich in fibre helps in maintaining bowel movements, reducing high cholesterol, and also helps in weight loss. - Fat and Protein count When it comes to protein and fats, both brown and white rice do not differ. They both have low fats and both of them have 4.5 grams of proteins in a cup size amount. - Minerals and

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