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Executive Summary E-commerce has drastically changed the process of channeling and distributing goods and services. It has changed the economic markets, consumer behavior, and society as a whole. Electronic commerce has increased dramatically the past 5 years and has been predicted to increasingly grow in the future. (Net Solutions, n.p.,n.d Web 16 September) The advancement of technology has made it easier for customers to buy products more efficiently and effectively. Businesses also benefit from e-commerce because they can order their inventory quicker and it is less cost effective. Birchbox is a relatively new subscription e-commerce website that ships samples of beauty or grooming samples, hand picked to match your profile. Subscribers…show more content…
Businesses must evolve and with the ever changing market and advancement of technology for them to stay in business. Introduction Birchbox is an online subscription commerce model where customers can try beauty products without paying for them. It has allowed for customers to shop for beauty products online more efficiently. Co-founders Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp combined monthly deliveries of personalized samples of beauty products with the ability to buy the original product. Birchbox shipped out its first "Birchboxes" in September 2010 and then soon after, launched Birchbox Man in April 2012 which provides grooming and lifestyle products. After millions of boxes and product matches later, their mission remains the same: "to help customers find products they love." (Hayley Barna, Katia Beauchamp) Birchbox is a subscription commerce model where the subscriber pays a flat, monthly fee to receive a type of "box." The products that are sent in the "box" have been randomly selected or new products and the receiver doesn't know what they have until they get their package. Birchbox has been able to find a balance between providing customers with…show more content…
The website also allows for customers to look at reviews of products that they're interested in and possibly want to buy. Online retailers can learn something from the Birchbox model or from other subscription based commerce. Literature Review Birchbox was founded by Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp who wanted to help customers make their way through the "craziness" of the retail world to find products that just work for them. (Barna, Beauchamp) It's a monthly subscription based e-commerce model that allows customers to try beauty products and samples without having to leave the comfort of their home. The $10 subscription fee covers the monthly package that contains the products that have been uniquely chosen for that individual. To buy products from the website, one must subscribe and pay to receive their :: Birchbox:A Better Way to Shop 3 monthly package each month. Birchbox has a unique way of personalizing each box for each specific customer. The website carries the major brands like; Benefit cosmetics, Acure, Shiseido and more. What makes Birchbox different is that it only has one store. Sephora has way

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