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28 Million Indonesian people poor. Every minute , 4 Indonesian children drops out of school and 7 million is unemployment. What about us who just be quiet in response to this? We have grown for 70th years since independence. The hard-won independence was captured by the fighters and the founder of the nation of Indonesia. We have been able to get out lack freedom conditions at the time of colonization. And, now it's time we reciprocate the services of heroes with carved the name of Indonesia in the world. But in fact the Indonesia now is getting worse. The poverty figure, the number of dropouts increases even unemployment. It's painful if we see reality lives of many Indonesians. Welfare only can still be enjoyed by a few people and a few…show more content…
To create the most powerful weapon in the world, you also need the best weapon maker in the world. Possibly the greatest weakness of Indonesia's educational system. The quality of teachers does not gain bigger attention than the quality of the students. In my opinion, the best schools are those with the best teachers, not the one with the students who have the best achievements. If teachers are not being given any more treatment in both salary and qualifications than doctors and lawyers, where what I feel is that teachers are far more important than lawyers and as important as doctors, then how can teachers serve the world to create educated humans? If a teacher dislikes the weak students, then he or she is not a teacher – for teachers are those who strengthen their weak students, who makes those who are uninterested interested. Teachers are the primary key of the creation of the world's most powerful weapon. And, just like weapons, we do not want any to be flawed or deficient weapons to be used in wars, and with that reason we pay dearly for those who make weapons, and only want the best weapon

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