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Literature Review To understand if and how physical exercise can benefit depressed individuals, broad research on the topic must be conducted. The idea that there is an all-natural treatment that not only benefits one’s emotions, but their mental and physical health, is very intriguing. Since depression is one of the most common mental illnesses affecting millions of Americans, it is critical that more research be done to help prevent and improve depression and assist depressed individuals in their struggle. Unfortunately, one of the major overarching themes found in multiple sources is that there is most definitely an insufficient amount of research and awareness of the aid exercise can provide. Furthermore, while the degree to which this…show more content…
In this way, the factual evidence and the more personal approach of firsthand experience are essentially combined. First, “A Pilot Study of the Views of General Practitioners Regarding Exercise for the Treatment of Depression” written by various professors and researchers, presents the results of a survey conducted to uncover the prevailing thoughts and opinions held by knowledgeable general practitioners about prescribing exercise for depression. This source delves into the researchers’ process of sending a 25-item survey to multiple general practitioners and then recording and analyzing their responses. By and large, general practitioners were confident that exercise positively impacted depressed individuals. However, many were wary of prescribing exercise themselves due to lack of research in that area and uncertainty of whether or not it is recommended or allowed. A second source, “Exercise Enhances and Protects Brain Function” written by the scientists Carl Cotman and Christie Engesser-Cesar, delves into their scientific findings on exactly how exercise is so effective against depression. Like previous sources, this article breaks down how BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) levels in the hippocampus are drastically increased with physical exercise. Furthermore, their research also illuminated…show more content…
The sources based in factual evidence clearly showed that exercise stimulates brain cell growth and the release of endorphins that correlate with positive changes in the mind and body that can specifically benefit depressed people. On the other hand, the more popular sources gave indisputable evidence from an emotional perspective by sharing impactful stories of individuals with personal experience. In the testimonies given from the two sources summarized previously, it is obvious that exercise definitely improves a depressed individuals mental and emotional health in many ways. Lastly, sources comprised of professionals’ opinions or research proved that exercise does result in a healthier mental and emotional state and that countless psychiatrists, doctors, and therapists agree. In conclusion, the most widespread, underlying theme in the majority of the sources is that there is a serious lack of knowledge and research pertaining to exercise for treating depression. With all of the irrefutable evidence presented in the sources, it is crucial that more professionals and patients be informed. Therefore, it can be concluded from these sources that in general, exercise can improve and prevent depression and should be used as a more common form of

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