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Child soldiers have faced a lot of difficult events in their life and a lot of them that they regret. Child soldiers should be given amnesty and they should be able to live a regular life and they should be forgave.The child soldiers had to go through a lot, they were forced into killing others for some they even had to kill their family. Do you think they wanted to do that? They also got forced into drugs which made them think that killing was okay and do things they didn’t want to do.Child soldiers should be given amnesty because they were forced into killing innocent people, they were in a life or death situation,and they were forced into drugs. Child soldiers were forced to kill others that didn’t do anything they had no choice…show more content…
They were mostly just protecting themselves because they didn’t want to be killed. Because if they didn’t do what they were told for instance, killing people then they would die. In an article I have read it said “soldiers face is what to do when they confront armed children.” (Economist)5rr4e What this is saying is that they had 2 options, either kill people you didn’t want to or have yourself killed. They would probably choose to kill others even though they knew it was wrong they just wanted another life and they just wanted to be regular people. Another thing is when they were child soldiers they were also very young and they still had their whole life to live, so all they had to do was follow the rules then they wouldn’t have to be killed. Of course at that young age they don’t want to die so they most likely choose to live.“Thousands of boys, some as young as 10, are purchased, kidnapped, or terrorized into joining the country's army.” (Gettelman)The child soldiers lives weren’t very fair because everything they do they could be dead.These kids haven’t really experienced a normal life and I think they should be able to have the chance.But really everything they were forced into and if they didn’t follow they would be

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