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Cloning is an exact copy from inherited traits of animals. Scientist have determined the way to clone farming animals. There are many things that can go wrong with cloning animals. The cloning may cause suffering, and there is a 37% that it can develop abnormalities. People do disapprove of cloning animals for food, and vise versa there are people that are with cloning animals for food. Do they really know what is happening behind all of this? Cloning farm animals has reached to an extent of many safety issues as well as interest. According to the EU citizens they are “opposing to animal cloning for food production purposes.” Although the products may be safe, there are some that still decline to buy cloning farm animal products just because…show more content…
The breeding has produced very highly processed yields, such as meat, eggs, or milk. In breeding for dairy clones, it has lead to an insane increase in the milk yield. The dairy clones produce their milk after birth. Farmers want to put the milk into food supply, with abilities to drink the milk. Sometimes in breeding clones there may be causes towards the health and welfare towards the…show more content…
The fact that farmers can make an animal to supply organs to human sounds very scary and not that safe. If they are barely experimenting those things there may be so much that can go wrong. I mean from starting off with cloning animals and now transporting them to humans if so. It is already unhealthy to eat cloned animals. There is so much fat that they contribute and having a lot extra of everything. They are not worrying about our health or how our bodies may react are the care shout is the quality and their

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