Literacy And Language Essay

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My last couple of weeks of studying Literacy and Language has made me look at language in a way I haven’t before. I haven’t valued the fact I could read and understand written text. I hadn’t valued the fact I could write a story or write down instructions for someone else to read. It had never occurred to me that writing itself is a form of power . People in positions who lead us and make decisions for us, use the written word as a framework and guide in which we as citizens are expected to behave. The fact I can hear and communicate through speaking a language and not relying on signing with my hands to convey my feelings makes my life a lot easier, and I have use of so many more words than if I was deaf. I often have my husband commenting English is not that important. Subject such as maths and science is of more use for us to succeed in life, now seems to me to be a naive statement to me. I can inspire, instruct and motivate someone by how well I can convey my ideas on paper. Language is also more than just written.…show more content…
A large part of our communication is through body language and touch. I have to make the horse understand basic requests and let him know when he gives me the right answer. The horse is a master of reading our body language. He can feel our heartbeat when we ride. When it’s elevated he feels that through the saddle, he can tell when we breath quicker and when we are stressed. He understands tone of voice when we are angry, sad or joyful. When we communicate effectively with the horse he will dance, jump work, play all with us on his back. And he definitely knows the meaning of some words I use such a trot, canter, his name and hold the line! I bet hold the line is a confusing statement for
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