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Reinterpreting the Illustrious Term Known as ‘Literature’ Are we humans limited to drafted words? Or are we more complex than written text on a paper? Since the dawn of man, humans communicated in all shapes and forms. Whether that communication was the movement of the body, drawing symbols, or verbal communication, it was all fair-game as long as the point came across. In modern society, adult humans have left the usage of pictures to children and picked dense reading with no visuals. This transition is fully admissible but not valuing art or other forms of literature – other than dense readings – is not justifiable. In the graphic essay, “Show and Tell”, by Scott McCloud, the author reminds the audience that pictures have incalculable applications in everyday life and should not be rejected from literature because all aspects of life is a cohesive blend between words and pictures. Credibility is found in McCloud’s work because he has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Syracuse University and since 1984 he has been professionally been creating comics. He also worked on writing Superman comics under the powerhouse of DC comics. Scott has also received seven awards and nominated for seventeen awards. In “Show and Tell”, Scott McCloud displays and explains…show more content…
He describes a comic book series called Watchmen. This comic is a gargantuan cluster of complex morals, ideologies, politics and taboos (Screen Education). Watchmen was adapted to film, showing the success of this graphic novel/comic. Further in the article, there was an intriguing cover possessing the title of “The Complete MAUS” (72). With the title alone we cannot comprehend the meaning behind this title. Luckily it was a graphic novel and we can analyze that Maus is mouse in German and that this novel will be about mice with the central mouse looking like Adolf Hitler. As shown, the image brought clarity and more depth to the

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