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In the story My Antonia by Willa Cather Jim arrives in Nebraska after the death of his parents, to live with his grandparents. When Jim arrives in Nebraska, he is heavily influenced by his grandmother. Jim, later takes his education to Lincoln where he meets an old friend from Black Hawk named Lena Lingard who impacts his life choices in college. Jim has a mentor named Gaston Cleric who he meets in college that morphs his views. The three most important influences in his life are Grandma Burden, Lena Lingard, and Gaston Cleric. These influences helped him to better deal with Antonia and her family. These people’s influences helped him to be the best person he could. Grandma Burden, in the beginning of the book, has a heavy impact on the life of young Jim Burden. He had just moved to Nebraska…show more content…
Gaston caused Jim to study the arts and enjoy the more sophisticated parts of life. Gaston was also a friend to Jim and attempted to be a prominent force in Jim's life. In addition, Gaston sways Jim to further his education at Harvard University, “He suggested that I should follow him in the fall, and complete my course at Harvard . . .” where he would be less distracted and be able to further his studies (3.4.160). The primary effect this had on Jim’s life was that he needs to focus on himself and his path rather than being always focused on everyone else. This allows Jim to accept the focus that Antonia has on her family and allows him to understand the importance they have to her.. Grandma Burden, Lena Lingard, and Gaston Cleric had a major influence on the life of Jim burden.. These characters helped him to accept Antonia’s country family at the end of the story. Due to these three characters Jim went from a young uneducated teenager to a well taught sophisticated man, just because of a few small impacts they had on the life of Jim. He was guided for the best by the people around

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