The Importance Of Successful Learning

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Throughout my experience in education I have noticed trends in students’ views of what “successful learning” looks like. It would seem that the majority of people would consider successful learning to be achieved when one has a good grade - being an “A” or a “B” typically. However, it would also appear that even those students who meet the goals of successful learning in this way can forget the information or skills that they were tested over and practiced. There needs to be an improvement in how students are evaluated and what exactly they are being evaluated over. What we are currently doing is starting to become outdated and less beneficial to students. If changes are made to grading, we - as educators - can inspire students to learn for…show more content…
The old “traditional style” of learning has started to be replaced by “competency-based learning.” Sullivan and Downey’s article “Shifting Educational Paradigms: From Traditional to Competency-Based Education for Diverse Learners” follows the study of switching paradigms between the two learning styles. These authors find that competency-based learning “builds on individualized learning tailored to the uniqueness of each students” (6). Where I agree with the idea of student-centered learning, I think that we are not quite close enough to the goal of having an individualized learning plan for each and every student. This would need to be a long-term goal. However, I do believe there are steps that educators can take now to begin heading towards this ultimate…show more content…
I, admittedly, am still testing this assessment out, but the promise of success is completely possible. The idea is that students reflect on how they have met certain standards over a specific course of time - whether during a unit, a quarter, a semester, or a school year - by providing specific examples that show them their own development of skills and what they may still need to work on in the future. Having both the teacher and the student be accountable for the student’s educational growth is very beneficial. Ultimately, I believe that students should have a say in their education. If we include them in the narrative, then we can work together to form their educational path. When we show students that we care, then they will care more. I enjoy giving students freedom and choice in what they do when it is applicable. As I grow as a teacher, I hope to find more and more ways to motivate students to participate in my class and form that willingness into a determination to learn for the purpose of learning, rather than the want of

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