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Good Agricultural Practices Good agricultural practices have main points of food safety with the points like harvesting, transportation of products and advice the grower to implement the general recommendation of adopted the best management practices( Sudheer & Indria.,2007) .Good agricultural practices are the practices which are used for the good economic conditions and also social conditions as well as it encompasses environment al issues for the commercialisation and good market value of horticultural and agricultural products also it tries to give good quality food which is healthier ,safer, nutritious to the consumers( The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia., 2012) .Good agricultural practices also includes non-food products as well as processing foods . These practices make the food more safe from consumption point of view(Anonymous.,2008).Farming…show more content…
Objectives Good agricultural practices needs to keep a proper record of the production process or the technologies which is required for processing or for harvesting of each crops for the areas which are very much good or important agricultural based and ecological regions, and to collect and then plan and the execute then the final process of distribution the knowledge in that major regions( ANONYMOUS.,2015) Good agricultural practices is required for the following

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