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All of the three empires (Egypt, Sumer, and Indus) are similar because they all had a trading center and domesticated animals, and they also all had rivers. The largest similarity between the three civilization is that they all had their development of writing records. Recording down important events such as taxes, property lines, wars, and religious texts. This shows that all of the three civilizations recorded down important events that happened. In Sumer they wrote with a system called cuneiform. It’s a series of wedges and symbols which was similar to Egyptians because the ancient people used hieroglyphics , a system with mostly pictorial and symbols which was also stood for ideas and sounds. This shows us how all three civilizations had…show more content…
The Egyptians had more than 2000 gods. The Sumerians believed that each city state belonged to a different god. And archaeologists also believe that the Indus practice theocracy which means that they were controlled by a god. This shows us that all the civilizations at least had a god whether they Were controlled by a god or believed that each city belong to a different god. Another similarity that has value is how each civilization was developed based on its dependence on rivers. Each culture was not only found around the rivers but the rivers were essential to their daily life and survival. And each river system (Sumer, Egypt, and Indus) flooded and receded leaving behind nourishing silt that was rich with nutrients and ideal farming conditions. This shows us how all three civilizations flooded and received silt which helped grow crops. These people were also polytheistic and born for serving the gods and goddesses. They had the similarity of social classes: king, priest, scribes, nobles, and normal citizens. These were some of the similarities between the three cultures; however, there is significant differences as well. One difference is the contributions of each society to the current modern age. Sumerians

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