Life After 9/11 Essay

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September 11, 2001 was a day that everyone remembers. Everyone remembers what they were doing that day when they found out about the attacks. Everyone vividly remembers the events from that day and also how greatly things have changed since that day. Anyone in the aviation industry, whether you were a part of the industry before or not knows how many changes have been made over time. Every September 11th people around the country come together for a moment to remember and honor the ones that lost their lives that day in 2001. Airports and government agencies have a moment of silence, while airlines such as United hold private ceremonies. United Airlines was affected more than most companies that day with two aircraft being hijacked…show more content…
The TSA was created in the days following 9/11, which now runs airport security. Airport security was previously managed by private companies. The TSA is a government agency that is funded by the September 11 Security Fee. This fee is added into the cost of every ticket sold by airlines (Thomaselli, 2014). Some of the changes that have come about due to the TSA would be long lines and delays that are now common thanks to the 100% baggage check at all U.S. airports. Now thanks to the TSA and their screening process we have such items as “Watch Lists” and “No Fly Lists”. Many airports have introduced full-body scanners at the security checkpoints as well as asking patrons to remove their shoes as they go through the security check. And no longer are passengers without tickets allowed beyond the checkpoints without written airline approval (Thomaselli, 2014). Other changes in airline security are to only allow water and soda bottles purchased in the gate area onto aircraft. Travelers are also not allowed to possess liquids, gels, or aerosols greater than 3 ounces in their carry-on luggage and all items must be in clear plastic bags (Thomaselli,
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