Lack Of Rights In Anna Perera's 'Guantanamo Boy'

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“Innocent Until Proven Guilty Not Here, You’re Not.” This quote comes from the book Guantanamo Boy by Anna Perera. In other words, the quote describes the lack of rights in Guantanamo Bay. In this essay, I will discuss the plot and the history of Guantanamo Boy. Also how the plot and the history relates to each other. Guantanamo Boy is about a 15 year old boy name Khalid Ahmed. Khalid is a British Muslim that lives in Rochdale, England with his mother, father and two sisters. Khalid loves to play soccer and hanging with his friends. Khalid finds out that his grandmother had died and the family decided to go visit his family in Karachi, Pakistan. Never been in Pakistan in his life, Khalid thought nothing wrong will happen. When Khalid arrived…show more content…
Both Khalid and his mother terrified of what happen to him, Khalid decides to go looking for him. Not knowing the routes to the house his father had been looking for Khalid use a map to guide him. Now looking for his father Khalid goes through a group of people that were young and old cheering. Khalid began cheering with them not knowing why they are cheering. Khalid gets lost and gets help from a man from England named Jim. When finally found the house Khalid’s father wasn’t there, so Khalid and Jim goes back to his auntie’s house. That night when finish playing the game was the night that Khalid was abducted. Men in masked blind him and tape his mouth. Khalid is driven to a place he doesn’t know and where the torture will begin. The next two years, Khalid had been torture to confess he is a part of a group called Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda a group that Khalid never heard of. Finally, he sign a paper saying he is a part of Al Qaeda just so they will not drown him to death. With the signed paper the CIA use it as a reason for them to send him to Guantanamo Bay located in Cuba. Khalid was sent to Guantanamo Bay without any charge. Before going to Guantanamo Bay Khalid discover the game that his cousin Tariq had invented was one of the main

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