Personal Narrative: My Trip To Florida

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It’s 6:21am and my father is dropping off my mother and I at the airport on a one way flight to pick up her cousin in Florida. My trip to Florida made racism come to life for me for the first time. Florida, the sunshine state, in a little town called Port St. Lucie is where we’re heading to pick up her cousin due to undesirable living conditions. My mother’s cousin, Cathy, lived with my mother’s other cousin, Linda, after Cathy’s sister died and she could no longer pay for her living arrangements in her home of 24 years in Bridgeport, Chicago she moved in with Linda. Arriving I was hot, tired and hungry. Within a couple of hours of resting with my mom and her cousins, I learned that I had cousins of my own in which I had no idea…show more content…
I had a lot of time to reflect while driving. After driving for nine hours we finally came to our halfway point of the trip and decided to rest. We stopped in Chattanooga, Tennessee where once again I was tired and hungry. My mother and I had went to a waffle house at 3:22am which was kind of risky in such a hick type town at night , we had left Cathy at the hotel we rented for the night. halfway through eating, a white gentlemen, who I believe had started the verbal argument with a black gentlemen. Both men of older age, and due to harsh southern accent and illiteracy , I couldn’t understand what they were arguing about. But the most shocking thing had occurred and kind of mind boggled me. Both of the men were kicked out of the waffle house and shortly after a Chattanooga police car pulls up outside where the men are standing continuing their verbal argument. Two officers confront both males, and then to my disbelief one of the officers starts to handcuff the black gentlemen. I was so wrong I had thought, and out loud to my mother I had spoke my opinion. A lady sitting at the bar of the diner near us had overheard me and said “That is the south for you, honey” and proceeded to laugh. Even without having any knowledge of what the gentlemen were talking about in their dispute, I knew that arresting the black gentlemen was so

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